Product Introduction

TF Series

This is the most commonly used model with backward-curved blades. It has a sturdy structure, allowing for high-speed rotation and can be used for both low and high-pressure applications. The impeller allows for a small amount of dust to enter but is not suitable for handling large amounts of dust. It is widely used for various gas transportation or dust removal applications.

SAF Series

This is an improved version of the through-flow type fan with blades designed in the shape of airplane wings. It has high efficiency and a constant load capacity, preventing motor overload. It also produces the lowest noise level among all models. It is suitable for general ventilation equipment, such as air conditioning in office buildings or factories, and for supplying air to various furnaces.

PMF Series

The blades of this impeller radiate outward at an angle of approximately 700-1100. The impeller is more resistant to wear and allows for the entry of solid particles. It is suitable for dust removal equipment with a moderate dust concentration or for transporting powder or granular materials. It is also suitable for exhaust applications in various types of furnaces.


Centrifugal Fan Arrangement